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Since their release, GitHub actions are on my long-term todo list for increasing automation of my workflows. Thanks to DEVs GitHub Actions Hackathon, I’m finally tackling this topic.

I’m not really sure if it’s a thing to be ashamed of today, but I’m still pushing build files of most of my personal open source projects manually via good ol’ FTP to my server. Maybe I just don’t wanted to give up too much control over the files that…

Normally I write code by using the conventional, obvious PHP functions to solve corresponding problems. But for some of these problems I came across alternative solutions that especially increase performance.

In this article I want to present some of these alternatives. This is useful, if you’re searching for possibilities to decrease execution time even more in production. Let’s see, which PHP methods might be replaced by a more performant approach and if there is any cost or trade-off.


Andreas Müller

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